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Important Information Regarding Unpaid Medical Bills

The Illinois Legislature recently passed a law that prohibits, hospitals, clinics and other medical providers from attempting to collect unpaid medical expenses from an injured employee, arising from the work related injury while the claim is pending before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. This recent legislation is a benefit to injured workers who actually file a claim with the Industrial Commission.

We recommend that an injured worker immediately file an Application for Adjustment of Claim to avoid the draconian collection methods used by collection agencies and by hospitals, clinics and medical providers.

By law, any medical expense that is not disputed by the employer must be paid by the employer to the provider within 60 days of receipt of the invoice pursuant to the medical fee schedule. The medical provider may periodically mail the employee an updated statement showing the unpaid amount of medical expenses due and owing, and they are able to inquire as to the status of the pending workers compensation claim.

Attorney Rechenberg can assist you in the process of filing an Application for Adjustment of Claim, which will bar the medical providers from continuing to bother for collection of medical expenses related to the work injury!! Make sure you hire David Rechenberg ASAP!

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