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Three Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Fool Car Accident Victims

Dec 14, 2020 | Common Work Injury, Worker's Comp, workers compensation

Moments after a car accident, victims due to shock and disorientation fall prey to individuals or organizations they believe they can trust. Most insurance companies use this time to ensure that they take advantage of the situation to avoid paying the victim.

That is true, mostly when any legal counsel or attorney does not represent the victim. To minimize liability claims, the insurance company adjusters sometimes play tricks on the victims to reduce their claims. For this, the victim might lose out on several thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the tricks insurance companies play to minimize victims’ claims.

  1. Cajoled To Make A Statement

This scenario is expected, where insurance personnel advises the victim to make a statement with an excuse that it speeds up the claim process. However, that is far from the truth, as they merely want to impair your right to recover.

But in truth, these individuals are highly trained to be polite and appear helpful. They aim to minimize your insurance claim to the barest minimum. Sometimes, they are around to confuse the victim about the facts of the accident. They want a clue that you’re somewhat liable, as that will save them from having to pay you thousands of dollars.

  1. Pretending To Be On Your Side

Claim adjusters or other insurance personnel often try to convince victims that they are on their side and doing everything necessary to close the case. But that is not always true, as they are merely looking for loopholes to avoid paying your full claim or not even to pay at all.

The claim adjuster may pay you often visit, mostly with a claim that they are there to know how they are doing. But in reality, they are trying to appease you long enough for the statute limitations to pass.

By offering some help in pennies, the victims might feel the insurance company is on their side, with the mindset that they can wait till the full extent of the injury is ascertained. When the statute of limitations empire, nothing can be done again as the victim loses the right to use it for recovery.

  1. Social Media

Most victims don’t waste time updating their social media handle when involved in an accident. In this age of technology, insurance companies have taken social media to discover a way to refute claims.

Your insurance company might snoop around your social media to see if you can talk about your accident or admit to having some degree of liability. Once they find something like that, that’s enough to cut down your claim drastically.

Also, they want to see you indulge in some activities that your injuries shouldn’t allow you to do on a typical day. So, pictures of you partying can be pretty harmful to your claim. It doesn’t matter if you just took a picture or were relying on painkillers.

If you must avoid making any mistake regarding your car insurance claims, ensure you get a legal representative. He or she will guide you on the best way to get your insurance claims in full without issues.

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