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Controverted Workers’ Comp Claim: What It Means & What To Do

Nov 15, 2020 | Common Work Injury, Worker's Comp, workers compensation

After filing for a workers’ comp, the next step will be getting the claim. But instead, you got a mail from your post office, and as you tear the mail open, you saw a document with the title: WC-3 Notice to Controvert.

You might find yourself confused as you try to make sense of the jargons written in the document. Before you know what is happening, you’re already asking what a controvert is and what it all means.

If you received such mail, what it means is that your employer’s insurance company is contesting your workers’ compensation and refusing to pay. If this is the case, rest assured that they aren’t going to make the process easy for you. In that case, you need to be ready.

Your Rights And Responsibilities

It doesn’t matter if your workers’ compensation was controverted, as there are rights and responsibilities that you can exercise to ensure you get your claim. Controverted means your employer has decided to deny your request, and the burden of proof now lies on you to prove otherwise.

When your employer’s insurance refuses to comply, you’re expected to seek medical treatment with your physician. After which, you can hire a reliable attorney to challenge the ruling and pursue compensation.

Note that proving that your employer or insurer is not often a pleasant journey. It means you’ll need an experienced and competent attorney to handle such an intimidating case.

Paying For Medical Bills

If your workers’ comp is controverted, thereby forcing you to seek medical treatment from your pocket, there are some options you might want to consider. Most medical providers might agree to provide some services under a lien agreement.

What this means is that you don’t need to pay at the moment the service is given. Instead, the money will be owned until the compensation has been settled.

Not all medical providers offer lien agreement. But those that do require a letter of protection. This contract means that the final settlement will foot the medical bills.

Hiring A Lawyer

When you discover that your workers’ comp has been controverted, one of the actions should be getting a legal representative to challenge the case.

It would help if you got reliable workers’ compensation attorney, especially one with years of experience and a winning track record.

You can seek family and friends’ recommendations or even get connected to lawyers in your locality by simply googling. When hiring a lawyer, ensure you find out about the hourly rates and an established communication mode.


Getting your workers’ compensation claim getting controverted isn’t the end of the world. There have been lots of workers in similar situations, but they were able to scale through.

When you have a reliable and reputable lawyer by your side, you wouldn’t have issues getting your compensation .

For your safety, do not wait till you’ve gotten compensated before seeking medical treatment. If you end up winning the case, the medical bills will be paid in full. So, never hesitate to use a medical lien or money from your pocket. Also, ensure you keep the medical reports, receipts, and documents safe.

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