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Five Reasons Your Workers Compensation Claim was Denied

Oct 20, 2020 | Common Work Injury, Worker's Comp, workers compensation

There are numerous reasons your workers’ compensation can be denied. The workers’ compensation is pretty complex, and numerous reasons can lead to your claim being denied. Whatever is the case, take note that you have the right to appeal this decision.

In this article, you will learn most of the common reasons why your workers’ compensation claim was or may be denied. Knowledge of these can serve as an edge, helping you to avoid mistakes that might lead to a denial.

  1. Injury didn’t happen at work

Workers’ compensation only applies to work-related injurywork. If the injury didn’t happen at work, your employer and insurance company are most likely to deny compensation. For instance, slipping and falling while at work entitles you to compensation.

But if you’re to sustain the same injury on your way to work, you’re not eligible to any compensation or claim. However, there are ways around this. If perhaps you were on a work assignment or work-relatred event, you’re liable for compensation even if the injury didn’t happen in your work place.

  1. You Didn’t Notify Your Employer Within The Stipulated Time

In workers compensation, there is need to notify your employer immediately the accident occur. Failure to do so before the stipulated time can lead to a denied claim. When you didn’t report to your employer, it would prevent your employer from conducting the necessary investigation. Take note that early report of your injury is necessary for the success of your claim.

  1. You Were Intoxicated Or Under Influence

Even if your injury is work-related, your claim can be denied if alcohol or drugs was involved in your accident. After reporting your injury, your employer has the right to request for an alcohol or drug test. If it comes out positive, you’re most likely to lose your claim.

  1. Failure To Receive Medical Treatment

Although you don’t need to see a doctor for every scratch or bruise, but there is need if you think your injury is entitled to a claim. The reason you need to go for medical treatment is to serve as proof. Without medical records supporting your injury, the insurance company can claim your faked the injury.

  1. Treated By An Unapproved Provider

Workers compensation system makes provision for list of approved doctors where you can receive treatment. But in a situation whereby you were treated by an unapproved provider, the insurance company can decide to deny your claim or perhaps, lower your benefits.


If you think your workers’ compensation claim is at risk of being denied, it is best your hire a reliable workers’ comp lawyer. A legal representative will help you make the right decision; including making sure that your claim is fully paid without any hurdles.

By knowing about these factors that can lead to your workers’ comp getting denied, you will be able to avoid them. But if you’ve done nothing wrong and yet, your employer or insurance company still hesitates to compensate you, contact us for legal representation.

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