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Workers Compensation Trends to Look for in 2020

Aug 12, 2020 | Common Work Injury, Worker's Comp, workers compensation

The year 2020 can never be forgotten in haste. Aside from the pandemic that caused the world to shut down, there have been exponential rises in business and legal trends. While cannabis and opioid laws are getting relaxed as it becomes evident that these not as harmful as portrayed by the media.

So, here are a few worker’s compensation trends that you should look out for in 2020.

  1. Presumption Laws

In many states in the US, presumption laws have been enacted for the sole benefit of first responders like firefighters. With this law, the burden of proof is removed from someone suffering from disease while seeking workers comp. When they contract an illness like lung disease, it is presumed to be a result of their job. Watch this trend to escalate to other industries and careers like fire truck mechanics, school teachers, correctional officers, etc.

  1. Marijuana

In 2020, watch out for the inclusion of medical cannabis in drug formularies. It is no longer news that cannabis doesn’t cause as much harm as alcohol or cigarette. Also, it has been legalized in many states for medical treatment against conditions like PTSD and chronic pain. We’re hoping for more substantial change and evolution based on future research on its benefits and effects. Also, it will open doors to the legality of home cultivation.

  1. Technology And Tools

Technology is going to play a crucial role in workers’ comp 2020. Although the change is slow, it is steady and almost here. Since the emergence of gen Z into the workforce, there has been needed to make the products more accessible to workers, employees, and supervisors. It entails utilizing tools such as mobile apps and leveraging on the omnichannel approach.

  1. Access To Information

Another critical trend you need to know about is access to information. This trend is gaining more ground in 2020 due to the increasing demand for information and access to data. In the workers’ compensation industry, anyone who happens to come from the claim adjuster should expect to have this access. Do take your time to find out services that would add value to you as an employee.

  1. Increase In Mental Health And PTSD Claims

Going by how tough 2020 is, it is not suspiring to expect this to happen. Since managing such claims can be complicated, and calls for guidelines and compensation. Most of these claims could be somewhat off-putting. But if you have access, you should ensure every piece of data is verified. Start from relatives and narrow it down to work supervisors.


2020 is a great year that will forever be reminded. If you want to make sure that you don’t lose your workers’ comp, ensure you get yourself familiar with these workers’ comp trends. That way, you stay ahead of the trend while doing something more. If perhaps you’re eligible for a workers’ compensation, do contact us for the best experience.

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