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Ways You Can Lose Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

May 13, 2020 | Common Work Injury, Worker's Comp

Work-related injuries are common, and lots of honest workers get compensated for their work-related injuries. Also, many dishonest workers try to cheat the system, which could be saddening. They want to get paid for an injury that never happened or perhaps makes it as much more severe than it is.

For insurance companies to make sure that the claim is honest, they implore lots of tactics to fish out workers faking their condition. However, the reverse can become the case when reliable workers see themselves becoming the target of an incredibly tenacious insurance agent.

The best way to handle such a case is to hire a competent workers’ compensation attorney. In this article, you will learn the various ways you can lose your workers’ compensation benefits.

  1. Private Eye Surveillance

Lots of insurance companies would hire a private eye or spy to monitor the injured worker while they are under a strict regime suggested by their doctor. If the worker is in any way violating the orders of the doctor or perhaps, faking the injury, the worker would automatically lose all the benefits. Aside from the worker’s comp, you should not overstep the recommended limit for the sake of your health. That is because the injury might even worsen.

  • Independent Medical Exam

It is typical for the insurance company to provide an independent medical exam. Often, the doctor who performs this exam is chosen by the insurance company. If, after the evaluation and the doctor discover that the injury is not severe, the insurance company can cut the benefits. If, on the other hand, the worker fails to show up for the exam, the insurance company would cut off the compensation on the ground of uncooperative behavior.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

Here is another exam the workers need to undergo to assess the worker’s physical ability. It is done by urging the worker to perform some specific task or to carry a certain amount of weight. The worker must be cooperative, or the examiner can accuse the worker of faking the pain. With this, the insurance company can cut the worker’s compensation.

  • Refusing to accept light-duty tasks

If a worker can no longer perform their duty due to a work-related injury, the employer would provide another task that doesn’t exceed the doctor’s restriction. If the worker refuses to accept this new assignment, they could lose their workers’ compensation.

  • Missing Checkups and Treatments

When you miss important medical checkups, your doctor would have a hard time ascertaining if the injury is work-related or not. When that happens, the doctor might find it hard, to reach a conclusion. It would cause your employer to cut your benefits.


Workers’ compensation is a right for as long as you sustained a work-related injury. If you’re dealing with an employer who is uninterested in releasing your benefits, the first line of action is to hire a competent worker’s compensation lawyer. Through a legal professional, you would be able to claim your workers’ comp without any hassles.

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