McHenry County Worker’s Comp Settlements

If you have been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. We help clients get the benefits they deserve, as the list of settled cases below shows.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different based on a separate set of facts, and the workers compensation benefits, settlements and verdicts listed here, while accurate, do not represent the value of your case or the result we can achieve for you. The following are representative settlements and verdicts pursued and won by Attorney David N. Rechenberg of the law firm of Franks & Rechenberg, P.C. It also does not mean that we win all of our cases, we don’t, but we only get paid in the cases that we win. Our clients have told us that one factor in retaining our firm is the results we have obtained for satisfied clients in the past. You should also ask a perspective attorney whether he or she has obtained significant settlements or verdicts, but the decision to hire an attorney for your case, should not be made on that factor alone.

$364,000 53 year old carpenter foreman, climbing injury, right knee replacement, Wage Differential award. Woodstock, Illinois October 2011

$250,000 Wage Differential Settlement (lumbar fusion one level) , 38 yr. old truck driver, Woodstock, Illinois

$242,038 65 year old male, concrete mason, right arm repetitive trauma injury, rotator cuff tear, shoulder replacement surgery, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, December 2008

$200,000 Wage Differential Settlement (anterior cervical discectomy) 48-year old male truck driver. Lake Villa, Illinois, January 2007

$200,000 settlement;  52 year old male fractured right foot while climbing a ladder. Multiple fractures, surgery with pins and screws. Disputed wage differential claim. McHenry County, Illinois; November 2013

$185,000 45 year old man, Work injury fell at work. Left knee injury ligament tear. MCL surgical repair. Low back injury. Herniated disc. L4-L5 Surgically repaired, laminectomy, return to work full duty. Lake county Illinois.

$170,000 Wage differential settlement. 45 year old Ambulance driver; shoulder surgery, SLAP tear & biceps tenodesis; Elgin, Illinois, January 2014

$160,000 Car Crash while working. 35 year old female low back surgery. Discectomy no fusion. Career change. McHenry County Richmond, Illinois

$153,000 Wage Differential Award.  lateral epiconduyltis, two surgeries, 34 year old male. Woodstock, Illinois, April 2007

$145,000 Wage differential settlement, Surgery to Dominant Arm Ulnar Nerve Transposition, 34 year old female custodian, Woodstock, Illinois

$140,000 45 year old male welder; slap lesion, carpal tunnel surgery; 8(d) (1) wage differential case, Marengo, Illinois March 2011

$140,000 Worker’s Compensation. 38 year old male, truck driver, left elbow lateral epondlytis. Cary, Illinois, May 2007

$125,000 Rotator Cuff Tear with surgery. 70 year old truck driver, job change. Carpentersville, Illinois. September 2015

$125,000 Settlement. 59 year old brick layer, herniated lumbar disc with surgery with a return to work. West Chicago Illinois, February 2007

$115,000 52 year old machine operator, lifting injury, Lumbar Fusion L4-5, job change, Harvard, Illinois , September 2011

$115,000, 39 year old male, construction worker, tripped at work, right knee, medial meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery, plus anterior cruciate ligament tear, A.C.L replacement surgery, McHenry County, Illinois, December 2008

$108,000 49 year old male printer, lifting injury, anterior cervical fusion C5-6, return to work with no restrictions, Wheeling Illinois, August 2011

$100,000 54 year old woman lifting at work. Cervical fusion, anterior approach. Job change. Woodstock, Illinois, April 2007

$95,000 58 year old factory worker, DVT ; 19(h) Petition, Medical Benefits for life Fox Lake Illinois, February 2011

$92,000 Rotator cuff tear, full thickness with surgery. Dominant arm. 59 year old union custodian, Cook county, Illinois. February 2016

$88,000 Settlement. 37 year old male, herniated disc injury, lifting at work. Hampshire, Illinois, September 2006

$88,000 for a 48 year old printer who fell at work and had a herniated cervical disc surgically repaired. Wheeling, Illinois, February 2006

$85,000 Carpal tunnel surgery, Ulnar nerve surgery, Shoulder surgery, 54 year old female machine operator, McHenry, Illinois. February 2016

$85,000 plus any future medical benefits to right knee for life. Right knee replacement, 65 year old male fell at work. Lake County, Illinois

$80,000 for a 65 year old man fell at work, Lumbar surgery. Lake Zurich, Illinois, August 2008

$77,500 for a 55 year old woman who fell at work, four(4) shoulder surgeries with a replacement., Elgin, Illinois September 2008

$73,000 Settlement.  34 year old male sign worker, injured while lifting a crate at work.  Torn rotator cuff right shoulder. Lake Zurich, Illinois, January 2007

$73,000 83 year old man fell at retail store. Herniated disc surgically repaired with a multilevel fusion. Suburban Cook County Illinois. June 2013

$66,000 64 year old male customer service person; injured lower back while lifting a grate at work; lumbar fusion (one level), Algonquin, Illinois

$65,000 43 year old office worker, anterior cervical discectomy, Lake in the Hills, Illinois, January 2011

$62,000 Rotator cuff tear. Arthroscopic surgery, return to work no restrictions, 62 year male old truck driver. Chicago, Illinois, October 2015

$60,000 Rotator cuff tear with surgery, bicep tendon tear requiring surgery, same arm; repetitive trauma at work, return to work with out restrictions; 48 year old male. Chicago, Illinois, March 2007

$60,000 for a 50 year old male truck driver who fell at work, causing a lumbar bulging disc and left knee meniscus tear. Woodstock, Illinois, March 2006

$59,000 for a 45 year old factory worker with repetitive trauma, a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery. Harvard, Illinois, March 2006

$58,000 for partial amputation of ring and middle finger, hand caught in a machine, 43 year old male; return to work with our restrictions. Wheeling, Illinois, May 2007

$57,000 53 year old male factory worker injured right shoulder lifting a tool at work. Torn rotator cuff tear, bicep tendon tear, bicep tendon repair, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Return to work without restrictions. Kane county Illinois May 2013

$55,000 Settlement. 49 year old male, suffered bilateral eponchondolytis due to repetitive movement at work. August 2006

$53,407 Worker’s Compensation. 44 year old male, press operator, two partially severed fingers in press machine. Wheeling, Illinois, May 2007

$53,000 Bulging disc L4-L5, No surgery, One Epidural Steroid Injection, Physical Therapy, Return to work modified job. 58 year old Male Factory worker, Algonquin, Illinois

$52,500 Settlement. 43 year old man, fracture of the left tibia and fibia, surgery with rodding through the tibia and screws. Libertyville, Illinois, February 2007

$52,226 50 year old male, fell walking up stairs, internal derangement to the left shoulder, torn labrum, surgery including a Bankart repair and SLAP lesion repair, Algonquin, McHenry County Illinois, January 2000

$50,618 50 year old man, factory worker, rotator cuff tear with sub-acrominal decompression arthroscopic repair. Belvidere, Illinois

$50,000 Settlement; Rotator cuff tear with surgery, 69 year old female nurse injured pushing a machine at work. Huntley, Illinois May, 2014

$50,000 68 year old medical tech injured her shoulder pushing medical equipment . Torn rotator cuff surgically repaired. Full thickness rotator cuff tear. Huntley, McHenry County Illinois. June 2013

$47,000 47 year old male, Rotator cuff tear with surgery dominate arm. Right shoulder type 2 Superior labral tear. Lifting at work. Elgin, Illinois

$45,000 Torn Meniscus, arthroscopic surgery. 45 year old male warehouse worker, return to work without restrictions, Crystal lake, Illinois. September 2015

$43,000 36 year old factory worker, traumatic injury to hand resulting in amputation index finger, Elgin, Illinois, March 2011

$40,655 Worker’s Compensation. 73 year old female, office worker, non-displaced fracture to left hip and non-displaced fracture to left arm. Woodstock, Illinois, May 2007

$40,500 Elbow non-displaced fracture, pelvis fracture non-displaced; tripped at work over boxes; 63 year old woman. Crystal Lake, Illinois, March 2007

$36,000 for a 28-year old factory worker who sustained a lumbar herniated disc from lifting at work. Waukegan, Illinois, November 2005

$34,988 Worker’s Compensation. 45 year old male, pipe fitter, right knee torn medical meniscus. Spring Grove, Illinois, August 2007

$32,500, retaliatory discharge, fired by new employer for prior work comp injury, 50 year old male, electrician, Union, McHenry County Illinois, September 2008

$32,427 34 year old male dock worker, low back injury: two epidural steroid injections, and physical therapy; cook county, March 2012

$32,000 Settlement. 43 year old female, right shoulder injury, rotator cuff tear. Woodstock, Illinois, September 2006

$29,588, 39 year old male, carpet layer, lifting carpet, low back-herniated disc, no surgery, conservative treatment, Skokie, Cook County Illinois, November 2008

$29,342, 43 year old male, engineer, fractured right hand with surgery, Woodstock, McHenry County Illinois, August 2008

$29,000  Right knee medial meniscus tear with surgery, return to work full duty, fell at work, 54 year old female. Woodstock, Illinois, March 2007

$28,832 Worker’s Compensation. 29 year old male, electrician, rotator cuff tear. Elgin, Illinois, October 2007

$28,500 Settlement. 54 year old woman, injury to left knee, torn meniscus requiring arthroscopic surgery, return to work with our restrictions. Woodstock, Illinois, February 2007

$27,000 for 46 year old factory worker who suffered shoulder impingement syndrome from lifting at work. Lindenhurst, Illinois, March 2006

$26,945 Worker’s Compensation. 52 year old male, factory worker, burns to left leg when acid spilled, developed deep vein thrombosis. Round Lake, Illinois, August 2007

$25,500  Rotator cuff tear with arthroscopic surgery; boxes fell on her at work; 38 year old female. Chicago, Illinois, March 2007

$25,000 Worker’s Compensation. 32 year old female, bank teller, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Niles, Illinois, November 2007

$19,000 Non-displaced middle finger fracture; small lumbar disc bulge; fell at work; 63 year old female. Carpentersville, Illinois, March 2007

$19,000 for an air conditioning technician with a left hand tendon injury from lifting at work. Crystal Lake, Illinois, December 2005

$17,500 Worker’s Compensation. 62 year old female, office employee, carpal tunnel syndrome. Woodstock, Illinois, October 2007

$17,500 Worker’s Compensation. 52 year old female, office clerk, disputed carpal tunnel syndrome. Woodstock, Illinois, October 2007

$16,000 for a 44-year old construction worker who fell at work, suffering a non-dominant hand non-displaced wrist fracture. West Chicago, Illinois, November 2005

$15,000 for a 33-year old grocery clerk with repetitive trauma carpal tunnel syndrome. Lake Zurich, Illinois, December 2005

$14,000 Settlement. 38 year old male, suffered an inguinal hernia while lifting at work. Cook County, Illinois, September 2006

$14,000 for a 46-year old male factory worker who fell at work, causing a left knee meniscus tear. McHenry County, Illinois, November 2005

$13,3145, 45 year old male, inguinal hernia surgery, lifting at work, Wheaton, DuPage County, Illinois, October 2008

$12,000 for a 32 year old man developed a MERSA infection after a small cut at work, Libertyville, Illinois July, 2008

$9,700 Settlement. disfigurement case scar on lower leg, 54 year old man no surgery required. Huntley, Illinois, February 2007

$9,362, 58 year old male, boxes fell on Petitioner, cervical flexion injury, minor scarring on the lip, Huntley, McHenry County Illinois, October 2008

$9,299 Worker’s Compensation. 51 year old male, hernia. Harvard, Illinois, November 2007

$9,060, 65 year old female, pushing shopping carts at work, low back strain, Algonquin, McHenry County Illinois, October 2008

$5,808 Worker’s Compensation. 53 year old female, machine operator, double hernia. Capron, Illinois, August 2007

$4,500 for a 44-year old male who had to have two teeth repaired after he was hit in face with a cable. Antioch, Illinois, November 2005


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