Settlements For Workers’ Compensation Victims



Hi. This is Dave.

Welcome to the settlements page of my workers’ compensation website. The settlements on this page are from actual workers’ compensation cases that I have handled for injured workers.

Every workers’ compensation claim is different and the amount of the settlement is based in part on the amount of money the injured worker was earning at the time of the accident. A worker earning $20.00 per hour will get twice as much money for the injury suffered by an injured worker earning $10.00 per hour.  There is no guarantee that if you hire me that you will get the same amount of money listed on this page. The workers’ compensation law changes very often and usually it is your benefit to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney with your claim to recover the amount of money you are entitled you.

Injured workers have many questions on their mind when they come to see me about their workers’ compensation case including what is the value of my workers’ compensation case. To determine the value of your workers’ compensation claim, the injured worker must be at MMI (maximum medical improvement). This means the treating doctor has released you from care which is different from your doctor releasing you to return to work. Doctors will generally release injured workers to return to work before they are completely released from their care.

After you are released from their care, all the medical records must be subpoenaed, read, reviewed and highlighted. Your average weekly wage must be calculated and checked for accuracy.

Many people are surprised to learn that workers’ compensation settlement do not include an element for pain and suffering. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlements are only for permanent partial disability, commonly referred to as a PPD award. In determining that PPD award or settlement, the attorney must determine what things cannot do or cannot do as well as a result of the work injury. The attorney must then review your case with other similar cases that were decided by the Arbitrator that has been assigned to your case. Only after all of these steps were completed, can an attorney get an idea as to the value of your settlement.

If you contact an attorney who tells you the value of your case before all the medical records are reviewed before you are at maximum medical improvement, and before a thorough analysis of your claim, do not hire that lawyer as there is no way to accurately determine the value of your case until the above steps are taken.

If you were injured at work, I would be happy to discuss your case face to face in my office. Please call our office at 847-854-7700 to schedule an appointment or if you are just looking for some answers to your questions, I suggest that you order my free book by filling out the appropriate form on this website which may answer several of your pending questions.

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