Not Getting Your Weekly Workers Comp Check? What To Do Next.

Not Getting Your Weekly Workers Comp Check (TTD Check) ?

Almost on a weekly basis I get a phone call from a current client who did not get there weekly TTD check.

It is common for the claims adjustor to claim there was a glitch in the computer, but we all know what they are trying to do, that is starve you out.  The very best way to combat that underhanded  insurance company tactic is to give your attorney  all the information regarding the unpaid ttd benefits. You need to provide the exact dates of your last TTD check and the dates of the missing check.

This will allow the attorney to document the unpaid TTD benefits in a demand letter, which usually clears up and “computer glitch” with the insurance company. With the proper documentation in writing  gives the attorney handling your case the opportunity to file a petition for penalties if the insurance continues to refuse to pay your ttd benefits when he files the 19 b petition.

Insurance companies try to take advantage of injured workers, especially when they do not have an attorney representing them. If you are getting pushed around by the workers compensation insurance company get an experienced work comp lawyer on your side, call David N. Rechenberg 847 854-7700

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